Taylord Dzigns


Color Conscious

Gray is the New Everything!

Gray can be good, or gray can be bad. Gray is the new trend. In a couple of years we are going to have a lot of  folks feeling like their space is too drab and will be looking for some changes. And the industry will be ready for ya with the next new neutral! 

If you are set on gray as your new favorite natural, consider going as light or as dark as possible and allow your seasonal colors to add the pop you are looking for.

Blue is Boss

Blue is one of the best neutral unnatural colors around. It goes with green, reds, yellow, brown, pink, purple, and of course whites, blacks and gray. Blue is basic because depending on the hue it can blend in or stand out in a room. it can be feminine or masculine and depending on the room ie at the bed room, a monochromatic scheme can give you both. 

White Spaces


White is extremely popular in kitchens, but doesn’t have to be limited to. If you like white spaces and feel adventurous, you may enjoy a visual change to a dining room or guest bedroom. Most people feel that white is sterile, and it is hard to convince them otherwise. But you can always add layers of color. 

A white kitchen is classic and great for resale. A lot of people think that a white kitchen would be hard to keep clean, that it will show dirt and finger prints. Not to worry, all hard surfaces that are white in a kitchen are 100% cleanable! 

When is Red OK?

Red is tricky! But when done properly can add a beautiful element that can blend smoothly into your space. Red is and always will be an accent color in design.

Red is the color of extremes. It's the color of passionate love, violence, danger, anger, and adventure. Not necessarily a color that you want to welcome you into a room. (or maybe you do???) In any case, from a design perspective red should always be used as touch of color and used in good taste. Whenever possible, when using red, consul a designer! :)

Color Palettes

Like yellow! Consider using it on furniture rather than walls. Yellow invites you into any space every time. But, how long can you stay in that space without having your fill? Use yellows purples reds, oranges in small doses, 1-3 items -just to tie all elements together. Consider using them in size variations as well. Small, medium and large. You can also add a pop of color to any space using fresh flowers. Works every time!

Green is Life

Most people say that the one color they don't want in their home is green. If you can’t get with this beautiful presentation that anchors this room in a elegant display of lush greenery, keep in mind that adding a plant or small green trinket can serve the same purpose because green represents healthy living things. Consider (or reconsider) bringing outdoor life into your indoor spaces through the color green.